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The Nomad

The Nomad

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The Nomad is an intriguing sculpture that delves into the essence of nature’s form and aesthetics. Crafted from a solid Spalted Beech trunk, and resting on a Black Walnut plinth, this sculpture engages negative space to emphasize the smooth curves of its design. Shapes intertwine and connect, echoing the beauty of the natural world. This sculpture is the culmination of abstract thinking and unbridled freedom of expression. The artwork accentuates the detailed grain, with the raw essence of its inherent beauty.

This is a unique piece carved from a large slab of Spalted Beech, positioned on a Black Walnut plinth.

Delving into the intricate details of the carving process, from the power grinder's initial touch to smoothing with Japanese rasps and meticulous hand sanding. The Nomad, with its meandering form, is a testament to intuitive craftsmanship, letting the wood guide the creation of negative space in a dance of spontaneity and precision, without planning the form beforehand.

At the heart of this creation, mesmerising patterns, striations, and distinctive grain, with each curve and line in the wood tells a unique story.

In conclusion, the Nomad stands as a testament to the unpredictable results that emerge when crafting by intuition. Nomad invites you to explore a creation that embraces the wandering process itself.

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